Antiquitas Hungarica
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1. AH-1
The Grimani Jug
2. AH-2
Candelabro con statuetta di coronamento (danzatore nudo)
3. AH-7
Black-figure amphora
4. AH-58
Plaster cast: Torso of a youth
5. AH-74
Plaster cast: The colossal head of Athena.
6. AH-83
Plaster cast: The so-called Athena Giustiniani
7. AH-93
Plaster cast: The head of a youth
8. AH-96
Plaster cast: The statue of Athena (the body after the Athena Lemnia, the head after the Athena Giustiniani)
9. AH-99
Plaster cast: Aphrodite, the so-called Venus Genetrix
10. AH-100
Plaster cast: The head of a young god
11. AH-136
Plaster cast: The Tyche of city of Antioch (by Eutychides)
12. AH-137
Plaster cast: The head of the so-called Rondanini Alexandros
13. AH-145
Plaster cast: Niobida reinterpreted as a Muse. The so-called Niobida Trophos
14. AH-150
Plaster cast: The so-called Themis from Rhamnus
15. AH-164
Plaster cast: Gall with his wife