Antiquitas Hungarica
Black-figure amphora

ID-Number: AH-7
Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Classical Antiquities
Inventory: Hu-SzM-Ant-50.189
Former Collections: Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest; The Collection of György Ráth; The Fejérváry-Pulszky Collection
Provenance: Attica
Material: clay
Technique: black-figure technique with added white and red
Dimensions: H. 58,4 cm
Iconographical elements: Dionysos; maenad; satyr

This amphora is a late work by the greatest master of Athenian black-figure vase painting, who was known equally as a master potter and as a vase painter.
The central figure on the front side is Dionysos, holding s kantharos (two-handled drinking vessel) in one hand and an ivy branch in the other. Around him are his attendants: satyrs and maenads, one of the latter holding a snake in her lap. The back depicts a popular subject of vase painting at that time: a charoteer departing for battle, with an armed foot-soldier standing beside him. The scene is almost certainly mythological, since chariots were no longer used in battle by that period. The vase, with integrations made at the time, came to the Fejérváry-Pulszky collection from London in the 1830s. Transferred from the former Ráth György Museum.

Bibliography: János György Szilágyi, in Sz. Bodnár (ed.): The Museum of Fine Arts Budapest. Guide, Budapest 2002, 32. no. 30, fig. 30.

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