The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 284.

the strange head, the unusual scepter, and the fact that the stone is cut as if for a seal, taken together, argue against it, as does the absence of any inscription.
Rev. Plain.
Mottled green stone described by previous editors as syenite. Upright oval, 14 Χ 12 Χ 3.
Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 221; no illustration.
Obv. Anguipede, head to l., wearing kilt; whip in r. hand, small shield held at l. shoulder. Small swastika in field at l. The head of this monster is rudely executed, and the engraver's intention is uncertain. It is probably a stylized lion head with short rays; compare 102.
Rev. πέπτε.
Haematite. Upright oblong with rounded ends, 29 Χ 14 Χ 4. Chipped at r.
Seyrig 14
Obv. Figure bandaged like the mummy of Osiris, its head, apparently that of a jackal or a dog, turned to r.; hands together in front, each holding a crozierlike scepter. On the head is a small disk, over that a crown or an ornament consisting of a long horizontal bar with recurved ends and another small disk in the middle. Instead of feet there are two snakes, rather shorter than the snake legs of the common anguipede type. In the field at l., λι (or λε), χκ, ζ; at r., ρψ (the ρ cut over λ), ης. An isolated type, the style of which resembles that of an amulet in the Wyndham Cook Collection, 246, Pl. 9; there, however, the subject is different.
Rev. Female figure standing to l., dressed in tunic girt at waist and reaching below the knees. The l. hand holds a tall scepter of peculiar form; the top is like a lance head with two short horizontal bars over the point; two tassels hang from the middle, and there is a loop at bottom (unless this was intended for the letter omicron). The right hand holds out an uncertain object like a hanging purse with a smaller object of like shape attached to its bottom by a double cord. In field at r., λρ, η, χ (very small).
Green jasper. Upright oval, 23 Χ 17 Χ 5. Edges slightly chipped.
Obv. Bird-headed man in apron, standing to r., tall scepter with crutchlike head in l. hand, an object resembling a garland with hanging ties ( ) in r., possibly a variety of the sign for protection (Gardiner, Sign-list, V 17). Eagle with spread wings on ground at l. The head of the principal figure is not that of a cock, since there is no trace of a comb. It may have been intended for a hawk's head, but the rounded outline is more like that of a chick or some small bird.
Rev. In two lines, λαμαχριε διαvτωθ. Some letters may have been lost from the beginning of the first word, as the stone is chipped.
Olive-brown jasper. Upright oval, 15 Χ 12 Χ 3. The illustration is enlarged, 1˝ to 1.
Obv. Lion-headed god standing to l., r. hand holding tall staff, l., situla. Nude except for apron. At l., reading down, Aαριηλ; at r., Iαλδαβαωθ.
Rev. In eight lines, Iα Iαω Σαβαωθ Aδωvαι Eλωαι Ωρεoς Aσταφεoς. See p. 136 f. for discussion of the Gnostic inscription.
Green jasper, clouded with dark red. Upright oval, 27 Χ 20 Χ 5.

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