The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-387
Β.Μ. 56241
Obv. Mummy in network of bandages to front, feet to l. On head three pins (?) with rings at top; perhaps meant for nails, or else merely ornamental. Under feet of mummy, a bar with ring at each end and hook projecting downward from middle. Outer inscription beginning at top, Ἑμέρας γόνος Μέμνων κοιμᾶται; inner inscription, κραβαζαζηραβιραθκηβαιαωεω.
Rev. Mummy as on obv. but feet to r. Outer inscription, Φιλίππας γόνος Ἀντίπατρος κοιμᾶται. Inner inscription as on obv., and in addition, ἐγώ at l. of mummy, ὁ ὤν at r.
Banded jasper, black and red. Upright oval, 26 Χ 23. Edge chipped.
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